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"......once upon a time,

around the palaces of the Metaverse

there was the first holy battle.

Cryptobot and Angels,

fought strenously, until

someone stole the original digital artefacts

of the Angel Alphabet.

Without the magic power

of these letters,

Angels lost the battle

and retired at the edges of the Metaverse.

Nobody know today where they are.

Nobody know today where the letters are..."

(Cap IV, Lost Testament, Unknown Author)

As electronic artists, technology is the mother of our nature.

We always wanted to cross the line between music and art.

Then NFTs come.


With Angel Alphabet,

we are trying to solve a problem that we feel from the beginning:

Where are the big stories, the Myths, and Legends

of this new digital metaverse?


So we gathered 12 visual artist,

and we challenged ourselves to build
the very first MYTH of the Metaverse

"...These twelve letters which are ineffable,

whose appearance is like scintillating flames,

have no end, but are infinite.

Our words are in them as they 

burst forth, and as they return;

they obey the divine command,

rushing along as a whirlwind,

returning to prostrate themselves at our throne...."

(Cap II, Lost Testament, Unknown Author)

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